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We think 4D lotto is the sort of game one can play to keep their every day life spiced-up! M4D is constantly open to put down bets.

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M4D if the Perfect Malaysia & Singapore 4D Lottery Platform because it allows Malaysian and Singaporean the freedom of cross country boundaries in playing both Malaysia 4D & Singapore 4d.

The game that we offer are; 4D Result, Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, Damacai, STC, Singapore Pools, 4D Latest Result Are Our Partners.

First timer can create their login account and start immediately to place the lottery bet.

The good news is a new provider we generously giving away Extra 10% Deposit Bonus for newcomer and for our hard-core fans we recognized your loyalty with us by giving you the Extra Introducer Bonus.

Kindly login or register yourself with us now for extra pay-out & more goodies from M4D.

4D Lottery Game is a simple game that allows gamer to put their favorite number by choosing 4-digit combination of numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999, e.g. 0123, 1223, 2233, 4567 or 8899.

Our 4D Lottery is not much different from the 4-Digits, Pick 4 or 4D games from USA, Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore.

By any chance that if you were to get inspired by your previous strange dream, you might get it translated into the number for betting, you can read more on our Dream book page.

It is common to hear from winners that, they got their winning number from dream, unique intuition feels on number that appears in front of them or from some Celestial entity.

For those who excited to know more about your meaning of dream in numerology prediction order kindly visit our dedicated page of Dream Book now!

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M4D The minimum betting for M4D is set at $1. To our responsible gamers, we urge you to practice responsible gaming as M4D is only a form of entertainment and should never regard as crucial source of income.

Please refrain yourself for overindulging into the game but practices responsible gambling attitude at all time.

If you should need any help in how to place your 4D betting, you may contact our customer service at our 24/7 chat support dialogue box.

Our dedicated staff will surely happy to serve you at the best of manners and professional standards. We wish you all the best of luck and fun in using our service and thank you very much.

Once the player has decided on the 4 digits number combination, he/she can choose to bet on option Big Forecast or Small Forecast.

4D Lottery results come with 23 different combinations of 4 digits result, these 23 results are separated into 5 tiers of pay-out, which are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, followed by 10 results for special categories and 10 results for consolation categories.

The critical difference between these two options is for Small Forecast player only allowed to claim the winning if they won number fall on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize.

Players need to choose Option Big Forecast if they want the full 23 combination result, but the pay-out ratio for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is much lower than option Small Forecast.

Digging from earliest human civilization artifact, it is never surprising to know our forefather has long involving the science, myth & art of numerology into their day to day life events. This finding will bring us backdating as far as 30,000 years ago, where some archaeologist found bones come with symbolic scratch marks, the hypothesis reviewed on how our ancestor integrated the numerology knowledge into their lives and to a specific reason we modern society still inherited this fascinating knowledge and is further evolve with modern science.

If we were to dive into the historical record of Greek, the Pythagoreanism (some regards as ancient ‘Cult’) is no strange name for numerology society; their belief has long believed that number are linked to the cosmic law of coding and hold the basic of universe law programmed with numerical logic.

This belief is not alienated to the development of the East continent as well where many countries like India and China historically and culturally also embedded with the numerology elements.

If one were to search online for numerology article or forum, without doubt you might find masses of assets in Wiki or other online resources writing on “Numerology” topic. Since ancient times, humanity has been long fascinating in discovering the magic of hidden “Number” in our surrounding including out birthday and name can be translated to number to do psychic reading.

The Chinese culture has long used the numerology prediction for many of their days to day practice, we can see this accessible from the Chinese art of Feng Shui or Taoism practices we Chinese society believes it is essential to stay balanced with the cosmic law by utilizing numerology. Chinese society’s usage of numerology knowledge can be traced back as far as few thousand years ago. Have you ever can across any Chinese Movie that plot the storyline based on numerology?

It is common for some groups of modern Chinese still fascinated with the numerology practices up to a degree of superstitious when coming to Number semantic meaning in terms of pronunciation, the number of 888 carry the Triple Prosperous in Chinese. This proven belief is still valid by asking any Chinese near me, or you may even try it yourself.

For those who wanted to have some fun with numerology game and at the same time would like to earn real money from Malaysia Trusted online casino and New 4D Lottery betting using their handphone we have for android phone version with free sign up bonus and also no deposit bonus if you were to visit our Slots Game.

From secret hidden numeric code of our birth date to the hidden number behind our given name, we never have enough when come to digging more knowledge about our future.

With deep curiosity, some of us even seek help from numerologist Guru or Master physic to help us in forecasting or deciphering our fortune code for future.

No matter you are just sceptical thinker who are here for fun or you are a veteran in leveraging the hidden numerology luck for monetary gain. We welcome you to have fun at free cost with our Dreambook apps.

  1. Your dream can be further decoded into 4 Digits lucky Number by using M4D Dreambook apps.
  2. Every one of us holds an unknown number since our birth, and this number will be the key to open up our lucky path. Unfortunately, the number is sometimes vague or abstract or even come in many forms of indirect message. The good news is, you can now up to certain degree decipher your dream into your lucky number with our Dreambook apps.
  3. If you were to be sensitive enough with your surroundings, you, in fact, can see some numbers are more appealing to you without any reason but instead connected to you intuitively. Have you ever experiencing attracted to a certain number without knowing the cause?
  4. Our car plate number, house lot number or even phone number are affecting us for a good or bad reason without much of our knowledge until we start paying attention to it, which is weird but true to some people. Have you ever heard about the life fortune code number?
  5. For sure you have read about news on how people win big-time lottery pay-out by leveraging on- the number surrounded in their family members.
  6. If you were to get “repetitional sight” of the same 4 digits number in your daily routine. Be smart, this could be your lucky day.If you are skeptical, then ask yourself if it is just coincident, how rare the odd is?
  7.  4D lottery betting has helped many people have life-changing moments as the ratio of betting, and pay-out rewards are significantly high. 4D betting is also the gateway to translate numbers to real cash rewards.
  8. Our luck has a close relationship with number, and the complexity of the number coding behind are seemingly random allocation of our luck.
  9. The lucky feel is more than just a gut feeling, it is our unknown intuition feeling telling us that is time to have some lucky pick style betting if you have no idea on the betting number. Learn to take opportunities occasionally with this chance.

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Please take this 4D game as a form of entertainment and not the primary source of household income. We hope our gamers able to practice control and responsible gaming during spare time. We wish you the best of luck and enjoy placing your lucky number with us.

Don’t miss out with our generous
give away bonuses!