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4D Betting Lottery App System

The First and Best Perfect Trusted Online 4D Betting Lottery App System in Malaysia

Trusted Online 4D Betting Lottery Experience With M4D App

4D Result, Dreambook, Easy Betting Platform, Convenience, Profit Sharing.



Profit Sharing

Trusted Online 4D Betting Lottery Platform – M4D App is Available For Online Now , Go Download and Enjoy The Biggest Payout, Extra Reward, Free Spin and etc.. ; Beside that, We Also Having Team Member Payout Level, Level Win & Lose…etc. ; 4D Result of the Day; Toto 4D Result Live Malaysia; Damacai 4D Live Draw Result, Fastest and Precision on the Number Result. Get it Now !!

BEGINNERS GUIDE (4 Simple Steps)

Step 1 – Registration

Step 2 – Top-Up Credits

Step 3 – Pick Your Lucky Numbers

Step 4 – Win Prizes & Bonuses

Step 1 : Registering with fews simple steps – first, you have to select your prefer languages; second, you have to fill in and submit such as: user name, mobile number, full name, password; third,  you will received a registration confirmation and click ok go to the app login screen; final, key-in your username and password, click on the sign in button and it is done, start play with the M4D App!

Step 2 : Deposit any amount with M4D simple steps – first, click on the Deposit Icon of M4D; second, select the bank account you prefer; third, we have two method can choose which is “ATM Cash Deposit” or “Online Internet Banking”; fourth, place the amount you want to deposit; fifth, confirm your bank details & upload the bank deposit slip; At Final Section, You will receive a confirmation once you have deposit is received. 

Step 3 : Pick Your Lucky Number and Place Bet – first, Click on the Bet icon; second, Select the date of your bet; third, Choose your 4D operator, 1 – 7 4D operator to choose; fourth, Place the number you want to purchase and select “BIG” or “SMALL”, select “NORMAL” or “IBOX” or “BOX” (If You Don’t Know What Number To Bet, Click Here) ; final, You submit your BET !

Step 4 : Win Prizes & Bonuses – first, after submit your BET, keep you eye to Live 4D Result; second, During the draw date, around 7pm ~ 8pm will announce the 4D result; third, Once the 4D result shown the number that you have purchased, system will credit to your personal M4D online Betting Lottery App; final, Enjoy your credit and have fun with this Perfect 4D System !

Preferred Banks

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