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Trusted Online 4D Betting Lottery Experience With M4D App

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Trusted Online 4D Betting Lottery Platform – M4D App is Available For Online Now , Go Download and Enjoy The Biggest Payout, Extra Reward, Free Spin and etc.. ; Beside that, We Also Having Team Member Payout Level, Level Win & Lose…etc. ; 4D Result of the Day; Toto 4D Result Live Malaysia; Damacai 4D Live Draw Result, Fastest and Precision on the Number Result. Get it Now !!

Beginners Guide (4 Simple Steps)

Step 1 – Registration

Step 2 – Top-Up Credits

Step 3 – Pick Your Lucky Numbers

Step 4 – Win Prizes & Bonuses

Step 1 : Registering with fews simple steps – first, you have to select your prefer languages; second, you have to fill in and submit such as: user name, mobile number, full name, password; third,  you will received a registration confirmation and click ok go to the app login screen; final, key-in your username and password, click on the sign in button and it is done, start play with the M4D App!

Step 2 : Deposit any amount with M4D simple steps – first, click on the Deposit Icon of M4D; second, select the bank account you prefer; third, we have two method can choose which is “ATM Cash Deposit” or “Online Internet Banking”; fourth, place the amount you want to deposit; fifth, confirm your bank details & upload the bank deposit slip; At Final Section, You will receive a confirmation once you have deposit is received. 

Step 3 : Pick Your Lucky Number and Place Bet – first, Click on the Bet icon; second, Select the date of your bet; third, Choose your 4D operator, 1 – 7 4D operator to choose; fourth, Place the number you want to purchase and select “BIG” or “SMALL”, select “NORMAL” or “IBOX” or “BOX” (If You Don’t Know What Number To Bet, Click Here) ; final, You submit your BET !

Step 4 : Win Prizes & Bonuses – first, after submit your BET, keep you eye to Live 4D Result; second, During the draw date, around 7pm ~ 8pm will announce the 4D result; third, Once the 4D result shown the number that you have purchased, system will credit to your personal M4D online Betting Lottery App; final, Enjoy your credit and have fun with this Perfect 4D System !

Preferred Payment Methods

4d lotto touch&go
4d lotto truepay
4d lotto duitnow

Preferred Payment Methods

Prefer Bank m4d
Register now m4d

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